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Clinic Information

3:30p.m.~ 5:30p.m.
●Closed on
Sundays, national holidays, Wednesday, Saturday afternoons
●Infant examinations (with appointment)
Tuesdays 2:00p.m~3:00p.m.
●Vaccinations (with appointment)
Tuesdays 2:00p.m~3:00p.m.
●Reception hours
Hand in your patient card and write down the number of the patient card to be examined on the reception list.
TEL 0532-47-1868
3:30p.m.~ 5:00p.m.
Please hand in your patient card when you arrive at the clinic.
●Insurance card
Will be checked at the time of the first examination each month.
If there is a change, please hand in your card before the examination.
Please give your infant the medicine between each meal.
You may dissolve the powder in water, but please do not mix it with liquid medicine. Please follow directions if there are any.
●Medicine bottles, bags
There cannot be re-disinfected and are disposable, but when your child comes for continuous exams, please show it to the receptionist before thedoctor's exam.
If your infant has a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting or other sudden symptoms, please bring him/her in for an exam as early (in the morning) as possible.


Miyazawa Pediatrics Genji Miyazawa
TEL 0532-47-1868 
11-22, ishizuka takashi ishizuka-cho toyohashi-shi

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